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Selling a Business

Why use a Specialist Business Broker?

Business Brokers Add Value

Business Brokers add value to both the buying and selling process.

For the seller s/he can provide an accurate appraisal of the market price range based on both transactional data and conventional valuation methodologies. As an experienced Broker, s/he will identify any intangible assets within a business often underpinning or enhancing the businesses value significantly.

S/He will prepare a comprehensive information memorandum on the business. This is an important document insofar as it provides an accurate overview of a business.

Harcourts multi – pronged marketing initiatives (including print, internet marketing, business networks and data base of existing qualified buyers) will give the opportunity the maximum exposure – compatible with confidentiality.

 A Business Brokers’ negotiating and objective skills will keep the process moving towards a contractual agreement often providing solutions to problems as they arise during the sale process. S/He will ensure that the agreement accurately reflects the understanding reached between the buyer and seller as well as protecting the parties; the aim being to reach a workable win-win situation.

Engaging a broker enables you as the business owner to get on with what you are best at: running the business and maintaining it in tip top condition.

The Listing Process Flow Chart