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Which Business is right for you?

Which Business is right for you?

Please print off and complete this form & submit your details to Harcourts Grenadier Business brokers Team so we can find the ideal Business for you. (The more you fill in, the easier for us to find you the right business).

What is your current personal situation?  (Single, married, family etc) 

What is your current employment situation?

  • Currently working
  • In between jobs
  • In another business
  • Other 

What experience have you had in owning or managing a business?

I would prefer a business that involves:

  • Dealing with people in a retail environment
  • Selling products or services to other business owners
  • Manufacturing
  • Other 

I need the following amount of money per week for me to be able to live comfortably and pay my debts: 

The amount I would feel comfortable to invest in a business is: 

For this purchase price I would need to borrow the following amount: 

My assets (land, cars, money, shares etc) 

Are there any Business (type or name) that you would be particularly interested in? 

Are you looking in any particular location?    

Tick beside what best describes you. You may tick beside more than one.

  • I am open to learning
  • I fit in with team decisions
  • I am motivated by achievement
  • I am confident in my own ability
  • I am highly motivated & enthusiastic
  • I am self motivated I get on well with people 

Do you have any trade, specialised skill or qualification? 

Contact Details:

First Name:





Once completed either hand to your broker, or fax your form to 03 371 9189 or scan and email to bizbrokers@naiharcourts.co.nz   Thank you.